c:alm is a publication whose aim is to document the skate culture throughout different cities, connecting and discussing how skateboarding has shaped people lives throughout the years. It highlights certain areas of the city and documents the parks which have influenced the skate culture, from its past to present.

Throughout the publication there are conversations with individuals who grew up skating, following their progression from teen to adult, and reflecting on how the freedom skating provides has enabled them to tackle life’s challenges.

The 2018 edition of c:alm magazine has interviews with graphic designer Joshua Saunders and local skateboard manufacturer, James McGovern. The magazine also features edits from local skaters at each location, getting their insight into how the skate scene has changed and what is good or bad about it.

Bristol is the subject of our first magazine, and it has been great to see such a positive response to the concept of the magazine. The conversations which have been held are truly eye opening and it shows that the community in Bristol is accepting of the sport, and also provides a back bone to the future of a lot of young people just getting into the sport.

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